Core Alpha Environment Art Update: September 1st 2020

News / 01 September 2020

As one of only 4 Environment Artists at Manticore Games, I get the great opportunity to R&D, create, test, and share a large amount of varied assets and modular tilesets for anyone to use as they wish in order to create their own unique experiences. In this new patch update to Core, some of the other artists and I worked diligently to bring everyone a brand new set of Sci-fi objects; 109 to be exact!

All available right now at!

Check out all the patch notes here to see the entire list of assets including SFX, VFX, decals, and more!

Below is a small environment I put together in about 16 hours using the new assets.
You can play it here, by clicking the link below.
Allison 0:Ne





  And here are a few images of the assets and materials released.

Sci-fi Base Building Tileset

Various props


9 Slice Materials