[Progress] First 2D landscape in over a decade. | C&C greatly appreciated.

Work In Progress / 15 September 2020

One of my closest friends lent me her iPad recently so I can experiment with Procreate. I took this opportunity to really try and hone a skill I have always lacked. I've always had a love for environment art and pen & ink drawing so it's a bit embarrassing that I was so bad at 2D landscapes.

That embarrassment lead me to try and actually push myself to take a pen and paper drawing and flesh it out digitally.

This is a simple blog documenting that process.

Pencil sketch.

  Took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do with the foreground and background.

  When in doubt, MORE TREES!

  Okay, the trees were a bad idea. They took forever. I literally drew every leaf and then erased to get the shapes I wanted.

Flipped it because I got tired of looking at it. Also added noise to give the ink a more paperlike feel.  

  Next up, More shading and background work. Stay Tuned! Also... HELP!